Sunday, October 7, 2012

October assignments for Allrecipes

Today I got a chance to start on some of my monthly assignments for Allrecipes. One of my bonus assignments was to make a recipe from the ARGO®, KARO®, FLEISCHMANN'S® recipe collection. Well since I am making chili ( that picture tomorrow) I wanted to make a hearty bread to have with it. I made this bread Cracked Wheat and Oat Bread and it was yummy. Dummy me had used up all my butter making lemon bars for a church cakewalk the day before so I subbed in canola oil and some Butter Buds.

Fresh from the oven
And yes I had a slice after I took photos

I didn't have any rosemary so I didn't add that... dummy me again. I have 50 billions jars of dried spices in my cupboard but no rosemary?  Anyway, it's a nice hearty bread  that will compliment my chili well I am sure. I stashed it away because hot bread gets eaten way too fast, doesn't it?
Nicely grilled, good flavor to marinade just by itself
Faceless recipe for dinner tonight Tomatillo Chicken Breasts . Tasty sauce. yummy cheese, hard to take good picture of! Only thing about this recipe is when you cut into it, the juice rom the chicken is brown from the marinade so it doesn't look very pretty once you cut into it.

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