Thursday, November 22, 2012

Triple Dog Dare - oops!

So sometimes my big mouth gets me into trouble. This was one of those times. I dared another Allrecipes Ambassador to make this recipe Delicious Fish Smoothies. Well not only did he make it and photograph it, he made a video

So then it was my turn .. my dare Thanksgiving Leftover Cupcakes No  one had made this nor reviewed it and frankly, turkey and gravy in a cupcake did not sound all that appetizing.  But I decided to throw caution and my poor stomach to the wind.
I made a herb crusted turkey breast today so this first thing I did was chop up the turkey and chopped off the herb crust...

And so it begins

The next step was to grind up the turkey meat
Pureed Turkey  yummy

 Then I added the rest of the cupcake ingredients: flour, sugar, butter, canola oil, salt, vanilla extract and baking powder because unleavened turkey cupcakes would be gross :P
Mess O Ingredients
 The recipe didn't says to mix everything up in the food processor, but I am lazy so in it all went 
Ready to mix into yumminess
 I whirled it up, but it didn't look like anything I could pour.. like batter
Crumbly, like cookie batter
So I read the recipe notes and it said it it looked dry, add more oil.. so I did, It looked kinda greasy and then I knew what I needed to add
To try and mimic poultry juice
If I had turkey stock I would have used that, but I didn't so  made due :P I whirled it all up again and ta-da... turkey cupcake batter
And NO I didn't eat any batter
I baked for 20 minutes at 350 and then we had freshly baked turkey cupcakes
They look normal but I know they have baked in weirdness
The next step was to make the glaze/icing. It called for turkey gravy which I didn't have so I made a quick chicken gravy 
See the pepper flakes.. I made it real!

There are the glaze ingredients
Yeah  looks good, doesn't it?
I made some into a glaze and some into a thicker frosting
gravy frosting.. who woulda thunk?

And here are the final cupcakes...
                            Glazed cupcake
Iced cupcakes
Now I am sure you are wondering how did they taste. Well the iced ones were way too sweet from all the sugar to make an icing - yuk.. but the glazed and plain cupcakes were interesting. You definitely can taste something meaty and roasty going on but it wasn't unpleasant. Would I make these again?As a novelty.. sure.. but otherwise, probably not  lol

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Waffle Iron Hash Browns

I saw this online and thought I'd give it a try. Really happy about how it turned out

Lunch today with scrambled eggs

All I did was defrost some frozen hash browns, season them with salt and pepper, spray the hot waffle iron with cooking spray, and then add the hash browns. I checked it when the light came on that indicates the waffle is done, but it wasn't brown yet. I probably let it cook for about twice as long as a waffle.  Next time I'd going to try adding onions and maybe even some eggs and ham

Happy Karo Halloween

Happy Halloween! Today was the holiday party at work so that is always a nice diversion from the usual stress and pressure of the work week. This month one of my Allrecipes assignments was to make a recipe from Karo and bring it to a Halloween party. Luckily my work was having one, so I didn't have to scrounge up an invite someplace

I decided to make Caramel Corn Treat Bags to take to work to share with everyone. The caramel corn was very easy to make and it really tasted good. I used the dark Karo syrup to give it a darker flavor and added a wee bit more salt.  I set out bowls of the following add-ins for the corn: dry roasted peanuts, plain M&M candies, candy corn, gummy worms and gummy body parts and some little hard candy bones and skulls

One of the kitchens at work

Karo Treats

Cauldron of Caramel Corn

Let everyone know about Allrecipes!
Peanuts and Body part gummies

M&Ms and body part gummies

Candy Corn and body part gummies

Sample bowl of caramel corn
 I put everything out pretty early.. like 8am and people got into the treats right away. I was surprised. Usually they wait until a  bit later to get the sugar rush going  so they must have really liked it.

I also made another Karo recipe, not from Allrecipes to take to work because it was so weird I HAD to make it  Richys Exceptional Cheeto Dessert Yup.. candied Cheetos!
Sweet Cheetos!!
You really cannot taste the cheese. It just made the candy a little less sweet, gave it a nice texture and was a nice little experiment. Everyone loved this a well, As you can see, I decorated it with gummy eyeballs, a gummy bloody foot and some tiny candy bones

I got almost all the decorations at the Dollar Tree Store The bowls were each  a dollar, bags of body parts a dollar, big bag of spider web and little black spiders were a dollar... for a few bucks it came out really nice. Don't have to spend a lot of money... but make sure you get there early. The closer you get to the holiday, the less neat stuff they have,

So here are a few other pictures of the Halloween fun today
Some goodies brought by another department

These were all over the place

The theme for my floor was zombie.. this group went with the beach zombie theme

Window decorations

Outside the office of senior management - enter if you dare

One of the cool Halloween displays on my floor

They had an old black and white monster movie playing

Tom eating caramel corn. The knife in his head is from him asking me about I phones one too many times
Girl Zombies Nicole and Cheryl eating my Karo treats
Former employee - didn't follow approved company processes :D

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