Sunday, September 30, 2012

Da Weird cookies!

I love to make unusual recipes. I find it a challenge and sometimes I run across some real gems. The weirder the better. Well I sorta draw the line at offal I am not THAT adventurous.. yet.

Anyway, a while ago I ran across this recipe Grain-free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls at Texanerin Baking . I have only made one flour free cookie recipe before and was curious. The picture she had on her site looked awesome so I pinned it to try.

One thing I was waiting for was my PB2. I use this product in almost all my recipes with peanut butter so I wanted to try it in this one. Well I got my new shipment this week so it was time to try it

Here are some pictures of the results :

Yummo looking,  huh? :D  Yeah they tasted pretty good. I was happy with the performance of the PB2 in this. Only other change I made was add a few more chocolate chips.. well just because.  I look forward to trying more bean based cookie recipes... you don't taste the beans and the cookie stay gooey.  Protein in cookies? Yeah.. I'm in!!


  1. Fabulous pictures and it reminds me to order my PB2. Thank you for the great pictures and the reminder!

  2. Never heard of PB2, what an interesting concept! Does it store longer than regular PB?

    1. Mommasangelbaby - it's a powdered product so yes it does. I keep mine in a Tupperware container in the cupboard. There is no oil in it to go rancid

  3. I came across this recipe too on Pinterest I think....they do look good...I think the most interesting thing about these is chickpeas instead of flour. I might give them a go sometime.