Friday, April 4, 2014

Sweet Treats made easier with Reynolds Kitchens

This month was an awesome treat... cooking with Reynold's Kitchen I've used Reynold's Foil and Parchment Paper for years so I knew this would be terrific assignment. Its always good when get to work with great products.

We were asked to make a couple of recipes using Reynold's Parchment paper products.   They sent along a roll and something I hadn't used before.I loved loved LOVED working with these sheets. Easier to deal with that the roll, but just as non stick

Precut Parchment sheets
 The first recipe I made was Ashley and Whitney's Popcorn and Pretzel Sweet Snack Mix . The recipe calls for almonds and cranberries to be added to popcorn, pretzels and white chocolate, but I found a trail mix that was wonderful.. so I added that instead. I used Archer Farms® Sunny Cranberry Trail Mix - which is a mix of almonds, cranberries plus.. golden raisins, sunflower seeds and pepitas. Oh have mercy was this stuff good!! Sweet, salty, crunchy and smooth... all at the same time. a perfect snack which can be customized with nuts, fruits and even different chocolate.... oooh peanut butter chips too!! I took this to work and it vanished. I gave a bag to a friend who is a personal trainer and her bag didn't even make it home.. she ate it on the car and didn't share any with her hubby!!

A bowl of addictive deliciousness
The next recipe I tackled was  Karen's Rolled Sugar Cookies. I love cookies. If I could eat only one food for the rest of my life, I think cookies would be in the top five. However I rarely make rolled cookies because they can be a royal pain in the butt.. flour everywhere, sticking to the rolling pin, dough flying... etc. The recipe suggests rolling the dough in between two sheets of parchment paper, so I tried it. OMG. It was like a miracle. I feel like such a big dummy for not thinking of this, but using this to roll out the dough has changed my view forever on rolled cookies. Yes they take a bit more time between chilling and rolling, but when you want a good cookie, sometimes you have to roll. I also used the parchment to wrap the dough and chill.  The cookies came out great and I used a tie dye effect to give these an Easter feel.

Tie Dye Easter Treats
I had some leftover tril mix from the popcorn so I saved some of the sugar cookie dough, kneaded in the trail mix, rolled the dough into a log, chilled, sliced and baked. Another winner... will definitely do this again

Almost Healthy cookies!

I enjoyed working with the Reynold's products and will be buying the pre cut sheets from now on

Check out more delicious recipes Reynolds®  or their facebook page Reynold's Kitchen

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Reynolds Kitchens. I received a sample to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.


  1. Isn't parchment the best invention since sliced bread! Love it! Your cookies look great!

  2. The popcorn was amazing Linda , and the cookies were yummy as well ��