Sunday, November 17, 2013

So I HAD to try the Dorito bread.....

Those of you that know me, know I thrive on the unusual. Nothing is more fun to me than trying a new and unusual recipe or creating one of my own. So when I saw this How to make Dorito Bread , I knew I had to try it.   Almost everyone likes those...

I decided to use my favorite Ciabatta recipe as a base - have to put my own spin on this, ya know.

I made the starter on Friday night and let it do it's thing until Saturday evening.

Full of ferment-y goodness
Then I got down to business of making the bread. oh boy! I mixed up the milk and the yeast and let that sit , then added the rest of the items

Since I do not have a big powerful mixer, I only mixed in one cup of flour using my hand mixer

Then I kneaded in the rest

And then of course I missed taking pictures like a big dummy but I covered it and let it rise for a couple hours.

Then the fun part

I used the chopper attachment of my immersion blender worked great

Got 2 cups of Doritos, all ready to go

I realized the bread was pretty stiff and was trying to figure out the best way to get the chips in.  I divided the dough in halves and then sorta smooshed them flat. Smooshed is a highly technical term

Then I piled the Doritos on and kneaded them in

And tada... a finished Dorito bread.. ready for it's second

Once it rose for the second time, I baked it for 20-25 minutes at 350.

Then it was time to make the Dorito butter. I again used my immersion blender chopper attachment. Chopped up the Doritos fine, added in the butter. and blended

Blopped it onto some saran wrap

Then flinged it around to make a log - chilled

And here is the final product - Dorito Bread with Dorito butter

This tastes pretty good.  What would I do different? Well, the video shows using a stickier bread and I think that is easier to work with I've had good luck with this bread Tomato Pesto Batter Bread  so I would use this one, but leave out the basil and tomatoes and add the Doritos instead.


  1. How fun! I don't really care for Doritos but I love bread and this looks wonderful!

  2. You are a real trooper when it comes to experimentation! I think I'll skip this. But I'll certainly enjoy watching your next venture. I must say that your kitty looked really cute with the chip in mouth! Thanks for the entertainment, Linda!