Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A fool and his sausages are soon parted.

Touch my sausages and die!
Variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all it's flavour.”    

William Cowper

This is true about a lot of things.. new adventures keep me from getting bored and I always learn something new. My favorite adventures are food related, of course.. Trying a new restaurant, new method of cooking or a new food.  I seem to get stuck in the "boneless, skinless chicken breast" rut and always enjoy it when I break out of that.  This month Allrecipes partnered with Johnsonville Sausage for the second year in a row and this meant I got to eat yummy sausages!!  These are the two I decided to work with : Mild Ground Italian Sausage and Chicken Sausage Chipotle Monterey Jack Cheese

Mild Ground Italian Sausage
Chicken Sausage Chipotle Monterey Jack Cheese

The first thing I made was this Easy Sausage Pizza by Johnsonville®   and I used the ground Italian sausage in this dish

Easy Sausage Pizza by Johnsonville®
 I added mushrooms just because I like them.... a really delicious easy dish that would lend itself to any veggies or cheese you like. The sausage is so flavorful, you don't need to add any spices to the dish

I had some leftover ground Italian sausage so I tried it in another recipe Spicy Breakfast Meatballs

Spicy Breakfast Meatballs
I used the sausage with ground turkey and it was really good.. Had this for dinner a few nights and really enjoyed it. Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner???

Last night I cracked open the Chicken Chipotle Sausage and made Fettuccine with Roasted Tomatoes, Vegetables and Sausage

Fettuccine with Roasted Tomatoes, Vegetables and Sausage
Another winner... all this needed for me was some fresh cracked pepper and a little pink sea salt. Roasting veggies really changes their flavor so if you've never tried it, give it a whirl. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. The sausage itself was delicious, and since it's made with chicken, it's a healthy and lighter choice.

I am really happy to have had the opportunity to test Johnsonville recipes. I had never used the product before but now, when I need sausage, I look at this brand first


  1. I just Love Johnsonville sausages! I agree, the seasoning is so good it really takes a lot of the guess-work out of making a new recipe. I have to try those meatballs - Yum!

  2. I was so thrilled to find the all natural ground sausage! I am a happy camper!

  3. Ok, no matter what the topic, I saw the photo of the cat with the sausages and I couldn't HELP but come visit. LOL. LOVE IT! I had some of the Chipotle Montery Jack Sausages this morning with Scramble eggs for breakfast! Some good stuff!

  4. I love both the hot and the mild all natural sausage! I have mixed those and the three cheese apple sausage in a number of different ways. I love the recipes, too! They are easy and very adaptable to youngsters (aka grandkids). Love your photos!

  5. I love the picture of the cat! These recipes look great. I tried the pizza and it really was super easy and tasted great. I will have to try the others.

  6. Kitties unite! Everything looks yummy!