Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I have a Beef!!

Well I have a couple of them actually.. beef recipes that is.  Assignment this month as an AR Ambassador was some yummy beef recipes. I love good lean ground beef so this was right up my alley

  The first recipe I made was Beef Breakfast Burritos 

I used whole wheat tortillas and enjoyed my "breakfast for dinner" meal. It is very quick and tasty and if you use a lean ground beef, pretty healthy. I served it with the lime cilantro sauce on the side and some salsa
My next foray into beef-land was Mediterranean Beef Meatball Kabobs
I served these on some garlic Naan bread. I do think the meatballs themselves needed some seasoning, so after I had cooked them and tried them as per the recipe, I added some Greek seasoning blend I had. Next time I'll add it to the meatballs. I will made this again.. the meatballs were not dry and with the sauce, tomatoes and bread it made quite a delicious meal
I have gotten into the habit of eating ground turkey and chicken all the time and I sometimes forget that beef isn't all bad. The lean beef I got had like 4g of fat which was comparable to ground turkey breast and only 130 calories per serving. It has lots of iron and is a great source of protein to help build muscles. For me , the B6 and B12 in beef are important since who can't use more energy during the day?
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  1. I love the pictures and the recipes too. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. beefy goodness! I enjoyed the meatball recipe too. I added the seasonings to the balls before I made them after reading the reviews. :)

  3. Both your recipes look yummy. I can't imagine eating that beef wrap for breakfast in the morning (who gets up early enough for that! P) but I think it would be great for brunch or like you did for dinner. Very nice blog!

  4. Looks great!! Sounded even better when you blog it:)