Thursday, November 22, 2012

Triple Dog Dare - oops!

So sometimes my big mouth gets me into trouble. This was one of those times. I dared another Allrecipes Ambassador to make this recipe Delicious Fish Smoothies. Well not only did he make it and photograph it, he made a video

So then it was my turn .. my dare Thanksgiving Leftover Cupcakes No  one had made this nor reviewed it and frankly, turkey and gravy in a cupcake did not sound all that appetizing.  But I decided to throw caution and my poor stomach to the wind.
I made a herb crusted turkey breast today so this first thing I did was chop up the turkey and chopped off the herb crust...

And so it begins

The next step was to grind up the turkey meat
Pureed Turkey  yummy

 Then I added the rest of the cupcake ingredients: flour, sugar, butter, canola oil, salt, vanilla extract and baking powder because unleavened turkey cupcakes would be gross :P
Mess O Ingredients
 The recipe didn't says to mix everything up in the food processor, but I am lazy so in it all went 
Ready to mix into yumminess
 I whirled it up, but it didn't look like anything I could pour.. like batter
Crumbly, like cookie batter
So I read the recipe notes and it said it it looked dry, add more oil.. so I did, It looked kinda greasy and then I knew what I needed to add
To try and mimic poultry juice
If I had turkey stock I would have used that, but I didn't so  made due :P I whirled it all up again and ta-da... turkey cupcake batter
And NO I didn't eat any batter
I baked for 20 minutes at 350 and then we had freshly baked turkey cupcakes
They look normal but I know they have baked in weirdness
The next step was to make the glaze/icing. It called for turkey gravy which I didn't have so I made a quick chicken gravy 
See the pepper flakes.. I made it real!

There are the glaze ingredients
Yeah  looks good, doesn't it?
I made some into a glaze and some into a thicker frosting
gravy frosting.. who woulda thunk?

And here are the final cupcakes...
                            Glazed cupcake
Iced cupcakes
Now I am sure you are wondering how did they taste. Well the iced ones were way too sweet from all the sugar to make an icing - yuk.. but the glazed and plain cupcakes were interesting. You definitely can taste something meaty and roasty going on but it wasn't unpleasant. Would I make these again?As a novelty.. sure.. but otherwise, probably not  lol


  1. LOLOL! Now this is the kind of blog to read the day after Thanksgiving! I applaud your daring do with leftovers!

  2. You're a true sport Linda. I have to say my challenge was really fun. Now the question is, "Who's next?" Let the Allstar tradition begin!

  3. Hmmmmm....too out there for me! I appauld you for being so daring though! lol